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Is the KJ Posing Course For You?
Your client’s deserve (and are paying for) an INCREDIBLE experience from the start! You deserve to feel confident in your sessions from start to finish! If ANY of this resonates with you, this course is MADE for YOU, & it will be a turning point for your business AND your life, in general! Get excited because this is going to be a game changer! 
  • Do you struggle transitioning from one pose to the next?
  • Is your client’s first experience with you awkward, forced or lacking in confidence?
  • Do you frequently panic and resort to the same overdone poses?
  • Would you like to transform your client experience from the very beginning?
  • Do you wish you always had a fresh, creative approach to posing for EVERY client?
  • Do your clients feel awkward and unnatural in your poses?
  • Are you confident and CLEAR in giving posing directions?
  • Do you doubt yourself as a photographer when you hit a road block in your posing?
  • Have you mastered the art of gently commanding authority?
  • Do you want to be taken seriously & viewed as a professional during your sessions?
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